The Sweet and the Bitter Chocolate in the Family

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My first kueh for the year!!!

Salam, last Saturday morning i was going through my fridge and saw a packet of green beans. Apa nak buat??? So, i remembered kueh kacang that i haven't eaten for some time. Macamana nak buat??? As usual, Mummy in Penang to the rescue. She explained the recipe and I tried for the first time. Alhamdullillah, jadi. It was not that difficult as i thought. The only tricky part was the kulit luar je. It has to be the right texture in order to stick onto the kacang when we fry it.

How to make it :

Rebus kacang hijau sampai lembut dan kering. Lepas tu, add sugar to taste. Masak sampai kacang and sugar mix together and dry enough to role into a ball. (i was supposed to add sikit kelapa but tak ada so tak letak lah)

For the kulit : tepung beras, salt sikit and water sikit. If you like it crispy, you can add egg. Then dip the kacang ball into the tepung and deep fry.
Rupa tak ada but rasa sedap!!!

P/S sempat rebus bottle daniel and delailah while goreng kueh

'My Sunday' - photos

At Centre Point Car Wash

At Hyatt Hotel, KK

At Bapak Januin's house in Tuaran

On the way home

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Sunday

Salam, the week had gone by smoothly. On Sunday, me and family found time to visit our adopted family in Tuaran. They are actually Jun's parents. The weekend started with a very early shower for our car in Centre Point (on of the shopping complex in KK). The shops were not opened yet, so we had to wait at the car wash.
Then we went for breakfast at Hyatt Hotel. The best is the omelette. We have been a member since 2000 and we get 50% off our meals.

Our next destination was Tuaran. A town about 45 minutes from KK. We reached Jun's parents house around 1040am and had some kuehs, followed by a session of karoake by Bapak and Azhar and then lunch. While we all eat, it was Jun's turn to sing. We relaxed for awhile and Azhar continued singing again. As for me, I was busy entertaining the kids. Then we had early tea and a round of Poco-poco dance. We left around 4pm.

On the way home, the kids slept just after a few minutes getting into the car. We arrived home around 5pm.
p/s I ada problem uploading photos- will show photos later, if i can!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hi - I'm Back!!!

Salam all, Happy New Year all friends. My last entry was 24th Dec 08 and that was the day that i fell sick up till today. I was bedridden for three days till i got a jab on my backside and then my fever was up and down till early last week. After the fever, I lost my voice for a few days because of my dry cough ( sounded like a dog ). Now I'm left with the cough and a lot of catching up with work and also my blogging and facebook. And just as am totally recovering, it has been raining non stop in Kota Kinabalu for the past 2 days. Thus, I'm starting to cough again.

Last week was also the start of the school year for my kids. Deena is in Year 3 now and Dinie is in Year 4. Being in a new place, me and Azhar had to organise the school and transport. Dinie was a bit difficult last week with his crying and not wanting to go to school. (he wanted to go back to his old school in KL) Luckly, yesterday he was his old self again. As for Daniel (aged 4+), it's his first time to school. He was okay from day 1 and is always the first to get ready for school in the morning. I send Daniel to school in the morning but he returns home by bus. As for the Kakak and Abang, they take the bus both ways and to both schools (sekolah agama and national).

On top of the new school and mummy being sick, the maid had to leave - the excuse being, her mum in indonesia is not well. Promised to return on the 4th of Jan but never returned till today. I was without a maid for a week till i got the present one. So far so good (just 1 1/2 weeks).

About work, it is also the beginning of the semester and i am appointed as a course coordinator for English Level 4 (academic reading and writing). I have 32 lecturers and tutors working under me and I have 1,650 students. Being new in UMS, I need to learn the does and don'ts. I need to do a bit of preparation too cause it's not an easy paper to teach too.

Well... the week has just begun and I am starting to be a bit more relaxed and organised. Hopefully it remains that way till the year ends.