The Sweet and the Bitter Chocolate in the Family

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Si Kancil

With the increase of the price of petrol and a few other items too, we learn to save and do a bit adjustment. As for my hubby, he decided to change his 24 yrs old BMW that has been 'drinking' a lot of petrol to a 10 yr old Kancil. Petrol wise, excellent. Condition wise, not so good. Every other week it has been to the 'clinic' - demam kura-kura that has no medication ( i think) :-( The only medicine would be to sent it to the junk yard. [Can't mention this to my hubby because he wont accept it].

He loves to keep cars squeaking clean...even if it drizzles he will be wiping the car. A few days ago, after washing the car the shop, a ladybird appeared on the front window. He said, i make noise but the ladybird loves his car ;-)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Down Memory Lane - MERDEKA

Mr Vijay, colleague.
Siong Mo, Korean
Shin Trong, Malaysian
Romina, Iranian
Miss M'sia???

Missing student-Xi Zuan (photographer)

Perjanjian Pangkor in the making

Zaman Kesultanan Melaka - famous as a trading centre

Underground tunnel

Hello, these are pictures of my visit to the Armed Forces Museum in Port Dickson. Went there on the 1st of August 2008 with 4 of my students from Tanarata International Schools. The students were part of a 3 week summer English programme conducted by Mr Vijay and myself.

Don't have to go to Vietnam to see the past / effect of war. The tunnel was an experience even though it's not the original but still can learn and see how the people back then were very intelligent. They were able to build a tunnel with bedrooms, office and even a sick bay.

Kids n Holiday

My third - Muhammad Daniel @ Gendut (3++)
Dry kitchen
My kids will start school tomorrow... Yahoo!!! Merdeka. The one week they were at home was a busy week for me. My elders, deena (8 yrs old) keep asking for food. So had to be a good mummy and cook. Was able to cook 'bubur kacang', cream caramel, & 'lempeng and kuah durian'. Not forgetting the breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Besides food, the constant quarrellings between all the four almost drove me up the wall.

This the 'backside' of all my 4 'buah hati' when they are all 'angels'
Living Room

On friday (15th), the last day of school, we all went back to my new house in Sg. Buluh. My parents and in-law came on Sunday. Then we all went back to my in-law's place on tuesday till thursday. Then, back in Sg buluh again till yesterday (saturday). Tired!!!

Not forgetting my youngest - Dino
Hanging on my neighbour's grill in Bangi

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Work and Fun!!!

Salam, besides being an educator, i am active promoting Tupperware Brands. Love to do promotions when i'm free. The last one i did was in May/June '08. It was at Summit Shopping Complex in USJ. It was organised by RealRewards. I not only sold tupperware but held games as well. One of the slot was a colouring contest where people had to draw on tupperware containers. Had a lot of fun and saw how people worked under pressure to complete the task within the given time (30 minutes).
The above shows some the participants work. I did not draw any. You can only see my hand holding the keychain in the 2nd picture.
Anyone interested to join in the fun and have a Tupperware Party/demo???

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What a life out there???

As i progress through the years, i gain more experience - life, work, family and the world. And what i know is that it is a scary world out there. At times, i feel tired and just feel like staying at home and not go out ( comfort zone ). Being an educator, it makes me scared to see how modern kids are. Whenever any bad news happens like the genius girl who turns to prostitution in UK, it makes me want to keep my kids at home too. If only i am extremely rich and can pay for a home schooling teacher and a bodyguard for my kids :-(

Sad to say, I can't do all that. So i lead a normal life like most Malaysians do. My hubby and i work for a living and my kids go to school by bus everyday. My two youngest are at home with the Kakak. People say be with the kids more? Sent them to school myself? People say don't trust the maid but what can i do; need to 'cari makan' right?

Family vs Work??? Which to choose... i can't choose only one... I choose both. Why? I work for my family and my family gets the extra comfort/luxury I can give to them with my income :-)

May Allah bless me and my family and protect us from the "world out there".

Sunday, August 10, 2008

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