The Sweet and the Bitter Chocolate in the Family

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pulut Kuning

Salam, it has been a few days since i logged in. Last Saturday was an interesting day for me... it was my birthday. Since it is Fasting month, nothing much could be done. My hubby invited his family (mother, sister and 2 brothers and their family) to break fast at our Sungai Buluh house.

So the birthday girl had to cook. Decided to cook something simple - ayam masak merah, ayam kicap, sayur bayam air and ikan goreng. Didn't make any kueh but i cooked pulut kuning for the first time in my life. I think i called my mum in Penang almost 10 times to check on the steps. My hubby likes pulut kuning with kari telur. So cooked kari telur too.

My hubby bought a chocolate cake from Kings Bakery. My mother-in-law brought penget pisang.

After breaking fast, prayed Magrib and then the kids lighted the pelita and played a bit of bunga api. Then the adults prayed Isyak and Terawih at home.

Lastly, it was tidy up time....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Serving the Appetite!!!

Today is the 17th day of fasting. Alhamdulillah, everything has gone fine so far. For this year, my 2nd child has started fasting. So, now i have to cater to 4 different likings/wishes (my hubby, deena, dinie and myself) for breaking fast and also sahur.

There are days that all of us cannot decide on one menu. Some days okay. Like last Monday, my son wanted nasi tomato, my girl nasi minyak and the father yong tau fu. Ended up going to the Bazaar Ramadhan for the first time this year. These past few years we have cut down / avoided the Bazaar Ramadhan and try to eat as we usually do for dinner. Food tend to go to waste when we buy ready made ones.

I have cooked nasi lemak for Sahur once, and for berbuka nasi tomato, mee soup, mee hoon soup, and nasi ayam. The rest of the days were normal nasi berlauk. Last Wednesday was Pizza Hut home delivery. Yesterday i cooked spagetti and mushroom soup and for Sahur this morning was fish curry and prawn kicap.

Today ??? We still have 13 days to go and am running out of ideas. Anyone can help???

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moving to Sabah

Salam, it has been more than a week since i visited my own blog... been busy with fasting and 'resting'.I finally received my appointment letter from UMS, Sabah. Good post... lecturer and not language teacher and the pay is also not bad.

My 2 eldests, especially my 2nd child, are looking forward to moving back to Sabah. He sometimes say Sabah is his kampung. (Dinie and his football coach)
People wonder why Sabah university when both me and my hubby are not from there... well!!! living in Sabah is nice. Easy life. No toll. Less jam. The only drawback is no family nearby. When there is an emergency with then me and hubby wish we were nearer. Other than that, life is great... if you're working with the government, the allowance is a bit extra than in West M'sia.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Remembering DEATH!!!

The day before Ramadhan, my hubby's family will make an effort to go and visit my late father-in-law's graveyard. It was a big group - 15 people (6 are me and family) this year because it is the first for me and the kids after almost 10 years of marriage (been away). My father-in-law passed away on 22nd April 2004.

Here is a picture of my handsome 'gendut', his uncle angah and my eldest girl - all ready to go to the graveyard last Sunday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My four legged son

Hello, my "youngest son" which i first featured hanging on a grill is very human like. Since i have been going to my Sg Buluh house every weekend, Dino has always followed. However, last friday he was left behind in Bangi because when we wanted to leave, he was nowhere to be found. Knowing he can't find food for himself, I returned on Saturday morning to see him waiting near the door.

Here are pictures of him waiting in Bangi and his journey to Sg Buluh last Saturday.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A gift from TiS

A farewell gift from TiS

Hi ! Less than 1 wk after returning from Sabah in August '07, I was offered a job by my hubby's friend. I said ok, let's give it a try... went to the interview and got the job. I was to start teaching again (after almost 3 yrs leaving the government school) on the 3rd of September 2007. Told a few people and they said 'hey! u must be crazy to accept a job at an extremely new school.' and i replied 'No harm in trying right and i got my contract to protect me."

I started working in the school with only 6 teachers (which included the principal) and only less than 10 students. Now it is already a year and it has almost 200 students.

However, i am sad to say that i will not be there anymore to see the school grow anymore. I officially resigned on 31 August 2008. I feel like crying as i am writing this blog. I've worked in a few schools but being a pioneer in TiS gives me a sentimental value about the work and place.

Tomorrow (3rd Sept), the new schooling year will begin and i will be at home being a 'domestic engineer. Why?? Coz i will be moving to Sabah again in November or December '08 :-(

Please visit the school website to see the profile. (

Opps! what is the name of the school?... Tanarata International Schools, Kajang

p/s : if anyone from TiS reads this... thank you for everything.