The Sweet and the Bitter Chocolate in the Family

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Glamorous Wedding

Salam, I was going through Wiz's blogspot and she was talking about weddings. How two people get together and "two less lonely heart". I just cannot stop thinking about all the glamorous and grand weddings - is it worth it? What i mean is - is the event important or the getting married and the promise 'till death do we part' important???

Last Saturday, mawi and ekin got married? I wonder will it last since the latest trend for Malaysian artist is kahwin glamour and then ada problem. Of course many will say that 'jodoh di tangan Allah' but husband and wife have to make it work first, right?

I keyed in mawi and ekin and found an interesting site with their wedding pictures.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Health and Food

Daniel waiting for Dr Roland

Salam, yesterday was the second time Daniel visited the dentist - Dr Roland. His first was on the 17th of Dec 08. He actually fell and broke a teeth when he was in his tok wan's house 2 weeks ago. He complained of pain on the 1st day but then he was ok till last Tuesday when he couldn't sleep because of pain. So, off we went to the dentist in Rafflesia Medical Centre. The doctor was very nice when I told him it was Daniel's first visit. He only checked and gave some antibiotic and pain killer for the swelling. The best part for Daniel was when he got a donald duck sticker. I made another appointment to check the swelling and if Daniel is ok to do a few fillings. Yesterday was the day. Everything was fine and Daniel was brave enough to open his mouth for a clean and three fillings. I was so worried during both visits - afraid that he would bring down the hospital with his crying and screaming. Nothing close to it happened - alhamdullillah. He is actually looking forward to his next visit to the dentist.

Dinie - Fried Mee & Everyone - Satay

Deena - Nasi Ayam & Daniel and Delaila - Roti Telur

So, that evening I treated all the four to a dinner out. (actually i try to avoid taking them out since i am alone - so difficult to make them sit at the table with proper eating manners. If the father is around, they behave a bit better). Off we went to Sinar Mustika, one of the famous restaurants in KK. Me and hubby love to order Soto Makasar if we go there (the sambal is delicious). However, last night I was full cause I had ubi keledek rubus for tea, so I only drank.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Farewell to my dear Dino


Salam, so many things has been happening to me the past 2 months. In my hectic schedule of travelling weekly, settling my Sg Buluh house and also my Sabah house and also the kids transfer; my dino was hit by a car.

It happened on Sunday, 9th November 2008. That was the first time that i left him for two nights in Bangi. Me and Azhar were busy and didn't had the time to go back to Bangi to pick him up (if we go to Sg Buluh on Friday and he is not around, we would always go back the following day and he will be waiting by the door). On Sunday, when we returned to Bangi, the security guard told us a cat was hit by a car that evening. When we went to see, it was unrecognisable. We waited for days; hoping that the cat that was hit was not him. Up to now he never return.

However, the security guard offered another cat to me - same mother as Dino but different father. We took it but he will never replace Dino.

Younger brother of Dino - Wei Wei

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's new???

Salam, how do i start my blogging again.... Let's see what photos i can share with all of you and update on what has been happening to me the past 2 1/2 weeks.

This was my 'home' from 20th Oct till 29th Nov 2008 - Tune Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.

Me and my hubby's first bus trip since our UKM time. 6th Dec, 1120am - off to pick-up the kids in Penang. Lovely bus that had movies and games. Also gave us mineral water, chicken rice, hot drinks and a wet tissue each.

Raya Haji was spent at my in-laws. Azhar sempat beli cempadak for tea time too.

My travelling has finally ended. The kids are with me now in KK. Last night, since my maid hasn't arrived, and my hubby is still in Sg Buluh, I took the kids to Mc Donald for dinner.